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IAMDRIVENFORSUCCESS  Mentoring Group is a 501c non-profit organization which was established  2012 and orginally was based out of Tuscaloosa, Al. Our goal is  to provide individuals with spiritual guidance, educational needs, financial empowermen and to build leaders that will become an asset in their community. It is our desire to be an impactful generation while developing the next generation to inherit the works that have begun before them through the spirit of mentorship.


 We strive to make the biggest impact in our communties to bring change to this world by applying God's word to every aspect of life through leadership and discipleship.


It is also our vision to bring the buisness world into agreement with the will of God through financial education, business development, and assisting churches globally to create their own businesses. We must understand the importance of owning businesses in order to have the necessary resources to advance the Kingdom of God. The body of Christ must connect to develop the necessary network to demonstrate the innovative, creative, and pioneering ability of believers by the spirit of God. 





I AM - Represents who is sending us

DRIVEN - The force behind who sent us (Holy Spirit)

FOR - Why we are being sent (To demonstrate the Kingdom of God)

SUCCESS - The guaranteed measure of influence on behalf of the ONE who sent us (Promise of God)


IAMDFS Founder/Director


Demarkis Taylor

E-mail: teamsuccess@iamdrivenforsuccess.org

Phone: 251-289-9705

Twitter: @dtaylor0362


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