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 Boys 2 Men provides young men ages 13-18 years of age with consistency, accountability, and the knowledge to overcome real life situations under the guidance of positive male figures. It is our commitment to prepare and propel these young men into greatness as they inherit the resources and wisdom to demonstrate greatness in their lives. It is essential that we remove the tainted image of today's man given through various forms of media to reestablish the image of a man driven to fulfill his purpose in life. 


Boys 2 Men Objectives


Courtship: To provide young men with the correct perspective of courtship as opposed to dating in unison with God's expectation of them as men in regard to women.


Skill Set:  To intoduce and expose young men to various professions to help them identify the area they are called to in accordance with God's purpose for their lives to ensure proper development of the gifting/talents  within them.


Community Service: To develop young men who will be courageous leaders and positive voices of influence in their community as well as among their peers.


Fellowship: To develop purposeful relationships with like minded individuals and positive male role models to assist in preparing young men for the next chapters of their lives.


Presentation: To help young men understand the importance of properly presenting themselves in character, articulation, and dressing themselves as young successful men.

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