Our Core Values

Our core values for our organization is built on what we refer to as ARC which is an acronym for Accountability, Responsibility, and Consistency. It is our goal to be an example of these core values to our mentees through demonstration in our own lives while imparting these same values into the lives of the mentees.


Why Accountability? It is important for every individual to understand that we all must be accountable for the words, actions, and choices we make in our lives. Futhermore we must have a sense of accountability to ensure the current and upcoming generation will have the opportunity to see the fruits of our work to bring positivity and opportunity into our community, schools, families, churches, and among our peers. Accountability teaches individuals to see the whole picture of every choice they will make instead of making a permanent decision in a temporary moment.


Why Responsibility? Responsibility is simply an individual's ability to respond to situations in their lives. It is necessary that as life presents different challenges and circumstances we must know how to respond in order to get the best results. It's our responsibility to manage our lives and live effectively by getting the most our of our potential and empowering the lives of others because we lived responsibly. The more we use our ability to respond the more we can dominate the circumstances that may arise to produce a positive outcome.


Why Consistency? Consistency is your determination to fulfill the vision in which you have envisioned. Consistency is the key component to becoming successful in whatever it is you were created to do. It keeps you focused on the goal but also helps you to overcome the challenges of the journey. Consistency is your ability to say I Can, I Will, and I Must accomplish this goal. Every individual must learn the importance of being consistent in everything you do. Your life requires that you be consistent at all times to yield the results you desire for your life.


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